Concert Decorations!

For our Christmas Concert this year, the band would like to decorate the gym with Christmas gear to make the concert more festive. We need YOUR help! Some things we would like to have set up are as follows.

  • Christmas tree with lights
  • Empty wrapped boxes for decoration under the tree
  • Battery powered lights (if you have any) to decorate the bleachers
  • Tinsel, garland, ribbons, bows for bleachers and entryways
  • Christmas smelling febreeze (fresh-cut pine)

Still have boxes from Black Friday and Christmas wrapping? We will be including a guard performance in our concert, and for their performance we need a lot of cardboard to make a giant box for a soloist to fit into. Fun right? Band will make the box itself, we just ask for cardboard as soon as you can get it up to the school!

Thank you for all that you do as band parents! We appreciate everything you help with during the school year. The last thing we need help with setting up for the concert, this will be the most decorated Christmas concert we have seen, and extra hands go a long way! The concert starts at 6:30, we will more than likely start decorating around 4:30-5. More details for that to come.

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