Schedule Week 11/4-11/8

Beginning next week on Thursday 11/14, we will start after school sectionals. These are required rehearsals for a grade, so please schedule your appointments accordingly. If you need tutoring, you may not go during sectional time. You must attend tutoring on another day, in the morning, or during advisory. The sectional schedule will be: every Tuesday from 3:30pm-5:30pm Full Symphonic Band, and every Thursday from 3:30pm-5:30pm Full Concert Band.

Spring auditions begin this week! We will do live auditions in class beginning Tuesday. Audition music is the first line of your first Etude. You may play more for extra points. Percussion, you will play the first line of your Snare Etude and the first line of your Mallet Etude. Everyone be sure to check your cuts for year D.


  • 3:30pm-4:30pm – Marching band rehearsal

Friday Game @Dallas Lincoln (Pleasant Grove Stadium)

  • 4pm – call time, load truck
  • 5:15pm – depart for Pleasant Grove Stadium
  • 7:30pm – game starts
  • 11:30pm – approximate return time
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